What We Buy

NOT CURRENTLY BUYING: Due to space and time limitations related to Record Store Day, we are not buying used items until Wednesday, May 3.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

What We  Really Want:  Rock, Punk, Metal, Soul, Jazz, Blues and Reggae LP (33 1/3) and 45’s in nice condition. LP’s must be clean and in original covers and the covers must be clean as well.  45’s can be loose but prefer in sleeves.  Local/Indiana records (especially rock/soul/punk).  Concert posters and flyers. Reel to Reel tapes that are pre-recorded, not originally blank for home recording. Some soundtracks.

What We Really Don’t Want: 78’s of any kind.  Classical, opera, big band, orchestra, easy vocal and instrumental.  Comedy, spoken word. Reader’s Digest/Longines/Time-Life box sets.  Most original cast/show tunes.  Most country LP’s.  Elvis Presley.  Christmas records. Most religious, gospel, church, school records. Scratched, warped, moldy, damaged covers, loose LP’s without covers. Most 8 Tracks and cassettes.

Make Arrangements: Please contact us either by phone or email before bringing items in, because Rick’s schedule varies from week to week and we don’t want you to waste your trip. Buying times are normally between 12-4 Weds – Sat but again, check first to make sure Rick is in.  Please also understand that vinyl buyers comprise only about 5% of music consumption and their interests are fairly specific–and therefore we buy based on that.  The vast majority of records are not marketable and therefore we are quite selective.

How It Works:  In most instances, you can expect the process to be completed within 30 minutes or so.  You do not need a list or to organize your records in any way, just bring them in once you know Rick is available.   For very large collections–over 1000 pieces–more time will be needed.  If you want to drop off and come back after an hour or two to settle up, that’s normally fine.  Important:  space limitations and insurance issues prevent us from storing unpurchased records overnight unless prior arrangements are made.

House Calls: For collections of several hundred records or more, we can make house calls if we think the collection is worth pursuing.  We will need to know as much as possible about your records before we schedule a visit.

What We Pay:  This is entirely a function of current market value.  We will pay a healthy percentage of retail value for rare and in-demand items. For common or low demand items, less so.  We cannot give you a guesstimate without seeing the records and even providing a price range per record would be misleading.  Suffice to say that most customers who sell to us leave happy.

General:  We are overstocked in most areas.  While we’re really interested in buying good collections, please understand that sometimes we’ll pass on what you bring in simply because we don’t have the space. Also, please remember that while some records do have value, most do not.  Music fans today can choose many different media for their music enjoyment, and records are a small, but vibrant part of that.

Records:  Generally rock, soul and jazz 45′s or LP’s, we do not buy 78′s. Condition is very important–both covers (LP’s primarily) and records. They don’t have to be perfect, but hopefully well taken care of. Large collections are fine.  If you have a collection larger than will fit in a car, we can come to you if we think it’s going to be worthwhile. We are especially interested in former radio DJ, RCA or record industry employee collections.

45′s do not have to have their original sleeves, but it’s a plus if they do. We look for certain rock and soul 45′s from the 50′s and 60′s, especially if they have picture sleeves, and almost any record that was put out by an Indiana artist (check for an Indiana address on the label).  Also reggae, punk, indie, metal and new wave from the 70′s to present.

LP’s should have their jackets, with both vinyl AND covers in clean shape. Most wanted are rock, soul, blues, world, reggae and jazz records from the 1950′s through the 1970′s, plus punk, indie, metal and new wave from 70′s to present.  Generally, the weirder/lesser known the better, though Beatles, Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead and other iconic artists of the 60’s and 70’s are desired. Audiophile, colored vinyl, picture discs and promotional items are usually of interest. Also, Indiana artists–in fact we will sometimes buy a quantity of the same title by Indiana artists if you have unsold stock from the 80’s or before.

Genres we are not actively buying include classical, opera, easy listening, big band/swing/orchestras, country, comedy, spoken word, Christmas records, children’s records and white gospel/religious. Also, no Reader’s Digest, Time-Life or Longines Symphonette vinyl box sets. Elvis Presley records are quite common and we are only interested in very specific Elvis items, such as Sun Records, early EP’s, etc.

78′s are the thick, brittle records that mostly date pre-1950 and are often found either loose with no jacket or in binders with three or four discs. Because most of today’s collectors cannot play 78’s, there is a very limited market for even the best ones.  We do not purchase 78’s.

CD’s have dropped in demand and value, but we are still buying clean collections of CD’s.  They must be in their original cases, have the booklet and tray card and be free of scratches–in other words, like new.  Rock, soul, reggae, world, jazz, punk and metal are the best genres for us on CD.  The more obscure, the better, in general.  Box sets and local releases are of interest.

Tapes of interest including the following:

– Reel to Reel pre-recorded tapes, those that are manufactured like LP’s, especially rock, soul and jazz.
– Reel to Reel tapes with original studio or live recordings of bands, and blank reel to reel tapes, especially TDK and Maxell
– Cassette tapes pre-recorded/manufactured, including early rap/hip-hop, punk, metal, and alternative
– Cassettes by local bands, especially older ones from the 70’s – 90’s
– 8-Track tapes featuring major artists like Beatles, Pink Floyd, Kiss, etc. and punk rock and metal bands.  Note–we rarely buy 8 tracks because what we usually see is not the above.

Music posters with an Indiana theme, concert or music promotional posters and flyers, signed or limited edition prints are all of interest to us. We’re especially looking for Indiana concert posters, tickets/stubs and show flyers from the 80′s and earlier, from places like Market Square, Convention Center, Crazy Al’s, Indiana Theater, Circle Theater, The Vogue, The Patio, Middle Earth, The Hummingbird, Indiana Beach and the Rivoli Theater (and many others). Concert and show posters can be from anywhere, not just Indiana.  Rock, punk, metal, soul and jazz posters are of greatest interest.  No non-music posters please.

We are not actively buying stereo equipment or turntables at this time though we may take them as part of a music collection.

Please note that we cannot estimate buy prices in any meaningful way without seeing your items and we cannot guarantee that we’ll buy anything, though we’re hopeful that everyone who comes will bring us something we can resell.  Also please note that only Kathleen from Bookmamas can purchase books at our store, so you’ll need to work directly with her if you have books to sell.