Q: Do you do special orders of new vinyl records?

A: Yes!  If it’s in print, we can probably get it at a competitive price.  However, if it’s out of print, we do not  offer a search service for those items–it’s usually easier for you to purchase items online and cheaper than paying us a fee to do that.  For special orders, it’s our judgment call as to whether you’ll need to pay at the time of an order.  Usually items that are not regular stock items are subject to payment in full at the time of order.  CD’s are only special ordered on a selected basis.

Q:  Why are they called “vinyls”?

A:  They are not, except by mistake. This is not a word and you should go out of your way not to use it.  The plural of vinyl is “vinyl”, kind of like the plural of sheep is “sheep”.  As they say, please make a note of it–and friends don’t let friends call them “vinyls” either. Records, LP’s, albums are acceptable alternatives.

Q:  Do you ship records?

A:  Yes, we do and we’ll ship anywhere in the world.  We charge for postage and for the mailers.  Please allow a few days for us to ship, and then a reasonable time (based on the type of service and your location)  for the postal service to deliver.  Insurance is extra and at your option, we will pack carefully and are not responsible for damage in transit.

Q:  Do you accept pre-orders?

A:  Not at this time.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: We do not take returns as a general practice.  If you are concerned about the quality of our used vinyl, we encourage you to check the records at our listening station for both condition and to see if you like the music.Also be sure that the correct record is inside the cover. Vinyl is not a perfect medium so if you are picky, please do this as we cannot take back used vinyl once it’s left the shop. We do our best to maintain a high quality level with our used vinyl–you’d be amazed at how much never sees the floor due to its condition. Regarding new vinyl, we will take back clearly defective records if you contact us within 10 days of purchase.  Please save and present your receipt along with the defective record.  Please understand that we cannot take returns after 10 days regardless of the nature of the problem.

Q:  Do you participate in Record Store Day?

A:  Yes, since Black Friday 2014 we are certified as an official Record Store Day location in April and November.  We attempt to stock every single release, including many “unofficial” releases.

Q: Are prices negotiable?

A: No, all prices are firm–including rare collectibles.  We do this to be fair to everyone and to maintain our price integrity. However, we do offer an every day quantity discount which applies to a single purchase, pre-tax.  Spend $100+, get 10% off.  Spend $250+, get 15% off.  Spend $500+, get 20% off.  Note that if you bring up a single $100+ item to the counter, you’ll have to spend an additional $50 in order to qualify for a discount.  Note also that we offer this every day for all items in the store, including on Record Store Day.

Q:  When do you have special sales?

A:  We rarely have discount days, because we offer the every day quantity discount above. We do offer occasional markdowns on selected items.

Q:  Are you ever hiring?

A: At present, the shop is manned entirely by the two owners.  Should we ever need to hire we’ll advertise in the shop and on Facebook.

Q:  Do you take records  in trade?

A:  If you have unwanted vinyl, we’ll make you an offer on it when Rick is on duty (please call ahead). If you want trade credit instead of cash we’ll usually offer a bit more.

Q:  What do you buy?

A:  Please see our buying page for full details.

Q:  Do you sell most of your rare items online?

A:  No, almost everything is offered in the shop as we have little time or desire to sell online.  The exception is that we do offer certain rare/expensive items online, usually on Discogs, if we do not think we’ll be able to sell them in the store.  Even then, we usually offer them in the store for a period of time first.

Q:  Do you do appraisals of music collections?

A:  If by appraisal you mean, tell you what your collection is worth–yes in certain circumstances.  We have done this in cases of divorce, floods, fire and estate proceedings. We will provide a written estimate on company letterhead that can be submitted to insurance companies or attorneys as expert evidence and we have a track record of doing this.  We charge $50/hour including travel time.  Additional rates will apply should we be asked to provide testimony in court or via deposition.

If you mean, do we buy records?  See our buying page for details.

Q:  Do you take items on consignment?

A:  Only in certain circumstances.  We’ll work with you if you have something valued at $100+ retail and something that we think will sell fairly quickly.  We take 25% as a consignment fee.

Q:  What about local band releases?

A:  Yes, we usually want to stock them.  However, we do not do consignment, we actually pay cash upfront for a few copies.  Be prepared to offer us your lowest possible cash price and a promo to play in-store.  Also please get to us as close to release date as possible so that demand will be at its highest.

Q:  What happens if I want to buy something in the shop but won’t have enough money for a while?

A:  We offer a one-week hold policy for anything in the store, new or used.  Please bring your items to the counter and let us know you want them held.  Please do this instead of hiding records somewhere in the bins, as this practice creates all sorts of problems for us. If you do not purchase your held items within a week or so, they are returned to stock.

Q:  Do you stock new cassettes,  CD’s and DVD’s?

A:  No, except for local releases.  We do have a selection of used CD’s and cassettes, along with music DVD’s.  We do not buy or sell other types of DVD’s.

Q:  Do you fix turntables or stock needles, belts, etc.?

A:  No, we do not.  Our friends at Affordable Hi-Fi, inside Guitar Town, are just a block away and they offer new and used turntables and turntable repair.  Please tell them we sent you.

Q:  Do you also own Bookmamas?

A:  No, Bookmamas is owned by Kathleen Angelone, who you often see at the counter. We run separate businesses cooperatively under the same roof and cash register.  Rick does not buy books or have anything to do with the book selection.

Q:  How else are you involved in the music scene?

A:  In addition to operating Irvington Vinyl, Rick is also the owner of Timechange Records, a label dedicated to archival Indiana releases.  Rick is also a founder and board president of Indiana Music and Entertainment Museum, and is writing a book on Indiana vinyl records.

Q:  I tried calling the shop but nobody answers.  What’s up?

A:  If you call outside of business hours, you’ll get our message to please try back during business hours, please do not leave us a message.  If you call during business hours and get the message, try back in a few minutes as we’re probably too busy with customers to answer the phone.  If the weather is particularly bad and you’re trying to figure out if we’re open, please refer to our Facebook page.

Q:  What social media do you use?

A:  Facebook and Twitter.

Q: Where should I park?

A:  Typically there is street parking or parking available in the lots nearby.  Despite what the signs say, you can park in most of these lots.  Avoid the World of Vapor lot, please. Please note that if you come on Sunday between noon and 1 pm, parking is difficult due to two churches being in session nearby.  This just means you may have a slightly further walk.