Vintage Vinyl

We offer one of Indiana’s most comprehensive selection of collectible and rare vinyl LP’s plus a nice selection of 45′s and a handful of 78′s.  Now on two levels, with the basement being the new home of jazz, soundtracks, country, comedy, pop and jazz vocal, and much more.

There are more than 20,000 LP’s and 45′s in stock, organized by artist and genre, with fresh stock coming in almost daily.   We’ll put our classic rock selection up against anyone’s–tons of Beatles, Stones, Bob Dylan, CSNY, Grateful Dead, Hendrix and Janis, alongside cult artists like XTC, Richard Thompson, and Tangerine Dream.misc 209sm

Every genre is covered in one fashion or another, from classical and soundtracks to Krautrock and power pop.

The emphasis is on quality at affordable prices: desirable records in nice condition.  Our base price is $4.99 for most LP’s, and these are clean, well preserved and worth owning.  Not junk, trashed, or scratched up.

We don’t hide the rare stuff or stick it all on eBay.  It’s right there for you to purchase. We buy collections constantly and pay well for good records, so we always have some goodies.  The selection is always changing because y’all like to buy the rare stuff.

Dig through our massive and well organized 45 boxes featuring over 1000 different titles. Looking for soul 45’s that aren’t on Motown, or obscure 60’s garage 45’s? Yep. We got em, along with dozens of Beatles 45’s of all types.

If you have unwanted vinyl, we’ll be happy to look it over and we’ll offer the best price possible.  Yeah, usually we pay more than the other guys.